Animistic Nomadism

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Picture: Marc Chagall: Limitless love – Boundless nomadic reality: the true essence of nomadic soul. Picture: Marc Chagall: Limitless love – Boundless nomadic reality: the true essence of nomadic soul.

In this paragraph I shall talk about animist nomadism and its myths: over the course of history, it is rooted in the Period of Origins, when neither the State nor the Class Properties existed, while the Law of Life ruled over the world, intended as the Word which conveys the interests of the Weak, together with rationality, novelty and true spiritual paternity.

"Spirituality" should not countervail the body and the matter; the concept of Spirit has been pathologically divulgated by the developing religions, however, we intend Spirit as a form of love for each kind of matter, for all the bodies even without blood ties, since they all share the same Cosmic Origin, they all belong to the same cosmic body.

In this sense, within nomadic animism, hospitality is extremely important: any foreigner (without any blood tie) is sacred, the outcasts are gladly welcomed, because they are the "future God" which brings novelty and happiness (as evidenced by all the nomadic, Hellenic, Jewish and Native American traditions.)

Only during the settlement period, the foreigners are regarded as enemies to be defeated, because novelty may be linked to death, destruction, fear of the future or even of "seeing God" (in fact, according to ancient biblical teachings, those who see God shall die.)

Fear of tomorrow, since – in our society - the mirror of the otherness always reflects death, once our World has been affected by Possession and State.

The original nomadic communist societies, which laid the foundations for the whole mankind and were deprived of any class and State, were ruled by the Law of the Word, a movement which supports the weak and rejects any State;

however, our current system, in order to promote the interests of economy, the State and the properties of few persons (sometimes also in the name of Science) kills the Law, kills the Nomads - who are the living Word of the Law – kills the certainty and universality of the Law of the Spirit, kills the dream of the Child, thus undermining any relationship based on freedom and morality, since the rich always receive more and more and can keep their properties, whatever it takes; conversely, those who possess nothing, must always provide the rich with increasing contributions: thus the weak become weaker, or slaves, while the rich become masters in an degenerating escalation of power (as codified by the State.)

The scope of the Law promotes the stronger persons and turn them into "father - mother - son", whipping goods away from the poor: thus the weak become the "son"; Law then rationally promotes the interest of everybody, thus granting them help and assistance in case of need.



"A boundless reality   (the true essence of nomadism)
he gives strength to the weary
and increases the power of the weak.
Even youths grow tired and weary,
and young men stumble and fall;
but those who hope in the En Sof (Eternity: nomadic boundless reality)
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.”
(Isaiah 40:29-31)


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Before completing our Declaration of Human Rights, I would like to stress that men need to start a great thought revolution against the injustices, but especially against the so-called "philanthropists"; i.e. those who declare their love for humanity, their intention to improve the fate of men with the purpose of contributing to the wellbeing of mankind, but inevitably end up establishing fake profit-making bodies and organizations.

All over the world, including Italy, women and immigrants are paid less than men performing the same tasks, although the Declaration of Human Rights states that salaries should be equal, regardless of the workers’ gender, nationality or ethnic group.

However, it is not so! ...

In summary, according to our Declaration of Human Rights: the first thing is Life, then Love, Death and eventually the Pursuit of Truth...


And this is the fifth right within the Pursuit of truth: every educational environment, from nursery schools to kindergartens and universities must lay the foundations for an atmosphere suitable for meditation and relaxation.


Meditation and relaxation do not belong to any religion or belief.

It is a form of science, which improves the health of our emotional sphere.

Learn the importance of silence and attention, become the witness of yourself and be aware that you are not your mind, but something beyond it. This awareness - and not just a slavery to work – will precisely lead us to the search for truth.

However, people tend to waste and spend almost one third of their life on schools, institutes, and universities without a proper knowledge of silence and especially of themselves.

Power and limits of fanatic doctrines.

The power and the strength of a community does not only depend on the members or components and on their number, but very much on the economic component, but even more on the doctrine that prophesies and that everyone carries out. Let's see therefore how a fanatical doctrine (and we see even today with the Isis) often increases a community's power.

Today they are trendy, perhaps more than before, their influence on power has great practical importance, so a nation or group of fanatics has odds of success in war, this is a major impediment to democracy and democratic peoples in general; it has more success than a nation where there is a large population of wise men.

Consider this in the light of history.

It is possible to note that cases in which fanaticism led to success are much more known than those in which they failed, because these events remained in the dark.

Certainly a too quickly examination can mislead; it is obvious that if we stay on our guard is easy to avoid it.

A classic example of the fanatic power was that of Hitler's national socialism, but today we have to remember that the maximum fanatic power example is represented by the history of Islam.

Muhammad did not ever add anything to the knowledge and material resources of the Arabs, yet few years after his death they had acquired a vast empire by defeating the powerful neighbours; the religion founded by the Prophet was material and essential element to the success of the nation.

Only following the path "of the last who shall be first, and the first last" (thus avoiding the concept of “last”, “first”, “coincidence” and “removal of opposites”), we can feel universal love, which will enable us to love and help both our friends and enemies looking for humanization; just like the sun, we shall spread light, life and warmth not only to our friends, but also to the secret needs of our enemies.

However, the "turn the other cheek" motto refers exclusively to those who have "another cheek," but the poor, conversely, have none.

Therefore, this ethical motto addresses especially the authorities and the rich, those who have the choice and means to freely act; it does not refer to those who live outside a “moral context" and have no freedom to choose their means and acquire knowledge: this truth must be revealed to all the theologians, wise men, politicians and "non-violent" activists (in words) of the world; to all the priests, and bishops who address the humiliated and offended masses, to all the poor Lazarus in Africa, Latin America and the whole world.

Moreover, the authorities, in the true sense of the word, should comply with the provisions of the Gospel – especially with the Parable of the "Prodigal Son" - and adhere to the Canticle of Mary, mother of Jesus.

The love of the prophets, of these men guided by love, springs from the path taken by Prophet Abraham, the father of all the prophets.

A heart full of love is the result of intelligence, strength-knowledge, and acts against any supremacy; it precisely arises from the unity of life stating that

"The true worship of God means breaking the yoke around the neck of the oppressed and set the slaves free" (Isaiah the prophet, 58), i.e. it stems from an agreement established with the poor, the oppressed and the last in the whole world.

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