If we want to improve mankind, we must give up judgments.

We must help people become aware.

We must give people awareness instead of a conscience.

If someone tells you stupid ideas, then you will bring them along with you for the rest of your life.

People should follow their awareness and reject any commandment or rule established by the others, otherwise they will act like slaves.

This is the condition of mankind so far.

Therefore, I am asking you to give up your conscience, this is the reason why all the religions can be an obstacle.


Judges serve the society in which men have grown.

As a consequence, there are as many judges as cultures, societies, religions and ideologies.

Conversely, the witness is the same, there are no differences between a Christian, a Muslim or a Buddhist witness.


There is only one witness.

The witness is not the result of society: it is the awakening of your soul, it is awareness.

As a witness, you must not condemn, blame or appreciate: you make no evaluation, you don’t say anything.

Just observe.

There is only one thought in your mind: you look at something like a reflection in a mirror; you do not say if it is good or bad: you make no assessment.

It just arrives, stops in front of you and then goes away.

Do not make any comment on the nature of things: a witness is a reflecting awareness to the greatest extent.

There are many judges, while there is only one witness; the Christian witness is identical to the Muslim or Hindu one.

If you don’t make any effort to awake, you will always be subjected to your ideology and the desire to always judge everything and everyone: this is the strategy adopted by society to rule over you.

You can find the light, thus acquiring more awareness and becoming a smarter witness.

Give up your judgement and become a witness: as soon as you succeed in doing this, you will no longer judge the others, but especially yourself.

You will be more sympathetic and compassionate.

Those who constantly judge themselves will inevitably judge the others too!

They will be cruel and hard-hearted towards the others ... they condemn themselves and tend to be even stricter towards the others.

They will always look for mistakes and will never be able to see the glory of human nature;

They will pay too much attention to trivialities.

And they will focus on negligible actions.

Witnesses act like mirrors: they just observe.

This is a miracle: if you can observe someone’s mind without becoming a judge, you will soon go beyond the mind itself.

If you do not get rid of your judgments, you will be subjected to the mind: if you like something, you will cling to it; if you do not like it, you will push it away.

Thus, you will get trapped and involved by the mind, ending up identifying yourself with it.

Actually, you do not know what truth, good or beauty are; you have borrowed your knowledge, you just know what society has taught you.

Society has been repeating the same things for centuries.

Society is not enlightened: still does not exist an illuminated society, but only illuminated individuals.

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Awareness - To Face Our True Identity

Men are not fully aware: they think to be so to protect themselves.

Men are ignorant, although they are convinced of their knowledge, and the claim of their alleged knowledge precisely feeds their ignorance.

Furthermore, men are diametrically opposite to their expectations: the ability to recognise this aspect is the first step in starting a great revolution: the internal revolution!

We need courage to face our true identity.

Ideals may be appealing and gratifying, but ideals have just one purpose: hiding the reality.

We keep on believing in great ideals, however we are moved not by the love for these ideas, but rather by the need to hide the cruel reality.

Conversely, aware persons show a stronger and practical concern for real facts.

Aware persons relate to the world without any division: interiority and exteriority are not separate.

But this is precisely the effect of any kind of idealism: the separation of interiority from exteriority, reality from fantasy, the ban of genuineness and spontaneity and the rejection of one’s identity; idealists are dreamers!

Dreaming is no evil, but now let's have a look at practical facts and make them come true!

And so you may start believing in the beauty of your ideals, but these empty words conceal a reality which is quite different from the expectations.

For centuries people have been talking about nonviolence (such a great ideal!), but have never been able to put it into practice.

And they will never succeed in this task, because speeches are dangerous: they make us believe that we have already reached our goals.

Over time, after a series of speeches, illusion spreads among the others and takes the control of our life as well.

After many centuries marked by speeches on nonviolence, we have started to believe that we have eventually become meek.

This is the reason why we are still talking about nonviolence .

Those who want to improve their spirituality must become aware of this ideological concealment.

It is easy to be fascinated by great ideals, but consider men: if you know their ideals, you will notice that their reality is their exact opposite.

Someone's ideology will help you realise that their behaviour is completely different from the underlying ideas.

The belief in ideals just proves the presence of a hidden truth.

Countries are not getting ready for peace, their only aim is war!

The violent wants to become nonviolent, but how can he manage to do that?

He was used to be violent towards the others, now he is violent towards himself.

It is cold and is snowing, but someone is naked out there, what is he doing?

He is only tormenting his body, while people say: "He is so brave!"

Just think about slimming diets: how many people "rape" their body in the name of alleged ideals!

The killer is more eye-catching than the suicide victim, however the difference between them is slight; they are both murderers, they both love violence.


Get rid of all the ideals.

Do not try to be different from yourselves: consider only reality, whatever it may be.

Abide by facts, do not mistake them with dreams or fantasy, otherwise you will always be divided: please remember that ideals and dreams cannot help you, they have never helped anyone so far.




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