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What  is Mythology. The meaning of the Mythology is that to take note of the Truth. Mythology relies on Truth, while History takes into account facts. When you see a tree full of blossoms and leaves, you are facing a fact. If you learn to grasp the essence of the tree, its divinity, then it will become an expression of God and you will witness the truth. Truth requires meditative eyes. What is Mythology. The meaning of the Mythology is that to take note of the Truth. Mythology relies on Truth, while History takes into account facts. When you see a tree full of blossoms and leaves, you are facing a fact. If you learn to grasp the essence of the tree, its divinity, then it will become an expression of God and you will witness the truth. Truth requires meditative eyes. Picture: Light reflections, St. Cataldo. (Bagheria, PA).

Facts represent Truth associated with awareness.

However, there is also a blind Truth, with the eyes kept closed, without the mediation of intelligence, in a non-meditative way.

This is precisely when truth is turned into facts.

For example: if you meet Christ or Buddha and look at them with poor awareness, this event will be regarded as a simple historical fact.

They were born on a precise day, and someday they will die.

They are the body that you can see.

They are provided with a peculiar personality.

History can consider them; however, if you look at them with deep awareness, carefulness and silence, then the fact will disappear and the Truth will emerge.

In this case, Christ and Buddha will be no more those persons born on a specific day, but were never born and will never die, since they represent the Whole; they are an emanation of the infinite, a gift made to the Earth by the after-world.

Suddenly, the fact disappears and leaves space for Truth.

However, history cannot consider this, because history consists of facts.

There are two well-defined methods.

The first is History, which takes into account the facts.

The other is mythology, which relies on Truth.


There are no historical facts dealing with Buddha, Mahavira or Jesus Christ ... it would end up undermining their mystic halo and dragging them into the poor awareness of mankind.

However, some written myths about them have been handed down to us.

What is mythology?

It is a parable, which refers to something vague; it is a sign, a hit, which does not convey any message.

Inevitably, Mythology is associated with poetry, because only the latter can provide an insight into the unknown.

Jesus died on the cross and resurrected after three days.

This is poetry, it is not history. It is not a fact, it is a Truth.

Those who die in God and for God shall enjoy eternal life.

Those who are willing to die for God shall rise to a higher level of existence.

These men will replace their physical body with a bright one.

They will belong to the Earth no more and will reach Heaven, instead!

These men will get rid of the temporal dimension to embrace eternity.


It is said that trees used to blossom after the passage of Buddha, regardless of the season.

This is poetry, genuine poetry.

There are no historical evidences that this fact actually happened.

However, it refers to an occurrence which cannot be addressed in any other way.

Muhammad was said to be followed by a small white cloud - even when he crossed the desert in the hot sun – which protected him from the scorching heat, just like an umbrella.

This is another beautiful example of poetry, but certainly it is not a historical fact.

Important men like Muhammad had to be constantly and carefully protected.

Anyone who surrenders to existence will inevitably be protected by existence.

However, these are not historical facts.

These are symbolic Truths.

You are positively surrounded by facts.

When you see a tree full of blossoms and leaves, you are facing a fact.

However, if you meditate and observe with the utmost calmness and carefulness, one day your eyes will suddenly open and stare at real things; then, a tree will no longer be just a tree, the colour green will just reflect the expression of God as such and the sap which flows in the trunk, up to the leaves, will be regarded as a spiritual phenomenon.

If you learn to grasp the essence of the tree, its divinity, then it will become an expression of God and you will witness the truth.

Truth requires meditative eyes.

If your eyes are not meditative, then your life will be grey and dull, made up of just dead facts deprived of any mutual relation and meaning, at the mercy of fate.

Conversely, if you see the truth, everything will acquire a meaning and contribute to the accomplishment of global harmony.

Do not forget that the meaning is the shadow of truth and facts alone will turn life into a meaningless experience.




Life is a song, sing it.

Life is a game, play it.

Life is a dare, accept it.

Life is a dream, make it come true.

Life is a sacrifice: offer it.

Life is love: taste it.


Life is this and much, much more than this!!!

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In order to enter in contact with the Great Light, you must open all the four levels (four minds); in my previous post, I talked about the first two levels, now I will focus on the other two doors.

To open the third door, you must access the two previous ones.


The third door is situated below the subconsciousness: it is the unconsciousness.

Reason opens the first door, Love the second one; if you are in love with the Light, you will feel harmony, affinity and affection.

The third door is opened by surrender and abandonment: it means that you have been initiated into the Light and this door will remain open.

You may rationally argue with the Great Light.

It does not matter. The Light will always keep in touch with you.

In fact, once you have opened the third door, it will always remain open.

You have surrendered at last!

And it is very difficult to close the third door.

It is hard to be opened and closed.

Maybe, one day, you will decide to close it and step back to your surrender.

Or, alternatively, you may surrender to someone else.

However, this will never happen, since these three doors are open, therefore the Light is trying to open the fourth one.

As a result, it is almost impossible for you to step back to your surrender.

Even before your first attempts to do so, the Light has already succeeded in opening the fourth door beyond you.

You cannot open it, and, at the same time, you cannot close it as well.

It is the superconsciousness.

Then, you must open the three doors within your power, thus enabling Light to shape the key to the fourth one, since you do not have it yet.

The effort made by the Great Light to give you the power of knowledge will let you take your time to reach the fourth door through the previous ones and get the key to open it: then there will be no more secrets in this world!

Once you have opened this door, you will not exist anymore.

Now there is no escape for you.

You may close the other doors, but the Light holds the key to the fourth one, therefore it will always remain in contact with you.

You may also die throughout this process.

It makes no difference whether you have reached the farthest place on Earth or travelled to the Moon: the Light still holds the key to the fourth door.

And, actually, a true Master never keeps the key.

The Master just opens the fourth door and then throws the key into the sea.

Therefore, it cannot be stolen or used in any other way.

Nothing can be done!

In many cases, the Great Light has forged the key to the fourth door and then has thrown it away.

Therefore, you should not worry yourself.

Now there is nothing that you can do.

Once the fourth door has opened up, all the problems will disappear.

Problems belong to the past.

That door had remained closed for millions of lives, until it got rusty.

It rather looks like a wall.

It is hard to find the keyhole, since there is no universal key: each of us, in fact, has a peculiar lock and personality, like fingerprints. Actually, nobody had, has and will have the same fingerprints

Your inner key to meet the Great Light looks like your fingerprints.

It is unique, there is no universal key.

This is the reason why you must follow the teachings of a spiritual Master who will guide you through meditation and contemplation of nature, because it is impossible to find a universal key.

Each of us has a different door, channel, lock and closure system.

Once the door has opened up, the Master will always be in contact with you.

Whenever the Master is, wherever you are, the door will always remain open.

And this door actually exists beyond time and space.

Therefore it is called supermind: it is the superconsciousness.

We have been asked: "Who is your Master? Are you always in touch with your Master? How can we get in touch with him?" -


A.  We have no Master understood in the traditional meaning of the word, but we have often talked about the Great Light, we are always in contact with it, and you can join us.

Actually, the Great Light is in contact with our (and your) four levels.

In fact, there is something beyond the conscious level!

However, you can reach this goal only if you surrender to it and regard it as your Master or Great Light.

If you are a humble student willing to learn from life, the Great Light well enter in contact with you only when you interact with it; if you fail, the Great Light will not reach you.

You must understand this concept.


You have four minds: the first is the supermind, which is just a potential for the future, since now it is at an early stage.

It has not blossomed yet: it is at embryonic stage, a mere promise of the future.


Then there is the conscious mind: a small organ which enables us to reason, think, decide, discuss, doubt and believe.

The conscious mind is in contact with the Great Light to which you have not surrendered yet.

Therefore, whenever this mind interacts with the Great Light, the Master (whatever you may call him/her) well get in contact with you.

If your mind fails to enter in contact with the Great Light, the latter will not reach you.

You are a student, and you have not accepted this truth yet.

You still regard it as a teacher.

Teacher and student exist just in the conscious mind.

You must open your mind.

The other three doors are all closed. The superconscious mind is just a seed: you cannot open its door yet.

Someone asked us: "Modern prophetism often talks about God, so what is God for you? And what religion do you profess? What is the meaning of this word? Are there any other Gods? If so, who are they?" 

A. as soon as you cease to be, you will become God.

However, please remember that Modern Prophetism has always regarded this entity as "The Great Light", I will tell you why later on.

But now let’s focus on God.

God is nothing special; God is our actual essence.

God is our existence.

If I tell you that you are God, I am just saying that we exist, you exist!

In our own language, existence and God are synonyms.

Even the trees and the animals are God, just like the stars and you all.

And you, who are reading these words, or you, who have contacted me, are God!

Maybe you did not know it.

In fact, you may not be aware of your divine nature.

But we are aware of it!

And when we become aware of our divine nature, we can also realise the divine essence of the others.

Therefore, it is hard for me to tell you how many Gods there are.

They are countless ... All the living beings are Gods, but each of them features different levels of acknowledgement, accomplishment and awareness.


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