Europe and the Secret History of Italy

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Now, think about the unification of Italy and then focus on the current events in Europe.

Europe has introduced a single currency - the euro - for all the peoples as Italy did with its language.

But was it actually a positive thing? Could it be that some truths and freedoms have been omitted? What is the secret history of Italy, which was established and created to meet the needs of the ruling class?

What is its hidden origin?

Consider the French Revolution, the unity of the Vietnamese people whose roots date back to thousands of years ago and then think about the "Italian unification" which was achieved just over a century ago.

Focus on the way in which Italy was unified, i.e. through a brutal colonization started by Piedmont, a typical "French" state which unified by military means what did not naturally exist, since there were no Italian people over the history; to this end the words of Massimo D'Azeglio are meaningful and indicative of this process: "We have made Italy. Now we must make Italians."

But is it possible to artificially create a population? This statement tells the true history of Italy. Rome did not play any unifying role with its "divide and rule" policy, its minority of Roman and non-Roman citizens, its solid technocratic, military and bureaucratic structure, reflected by the famous motto "dura lex, sed lex" (The law is harsh but it is the law.)

And the Church with its feudalism and "obscure" State certainly did not contribute to the unification.

Therefore, the colonisation of Southern Italy started by Piedmont was not a unifying element, however the unification was required by the capitalist English, French and Prussian States, which longed for the declining Austria, according to the so-called cannibalism of power or "may the best man win” principle.

In different ways (and times) but with the same capitalism- and power-oriented approach with one or multiple states - and, of course, after the introduction of a single currency in Europe - the capitalist class has realised that it had better share power.

Now, let’s go back to Italy: it took two tragic world wars to achieve "this" unity, to make "the Italians.”

Moreover, the partisan struggle against Nazi-fascism exercised a limited impact on the false unity, because it was claimed by Stalinism, which did not surely recall any revolutionary movement, but rather reflected a state and Imperial approach.

Therefore war forced people to leave their historical context and territory to fight against alleged enemies, without knowing the reason why.

Now it is no longer possible to separate language from its history and nation from its language.

When we study the history of a language we also study its origin and vice versa.

Therefore, considering the nature and history of the Latin language, we should limit the use of those languages with sacred freedom purposes, since it cannot answer, due to its intrinsic historical supremacy, for the sacredness of the rite, under penalty (if you do not paid attention) of the evocation of death forces against the same rite and the faithful, or alternatively under penalty of the failure of the rite.

We should not despise the culture of an imperial society, but we should rather consider the limits of a culture increasingly influenced by a language more and more imperial.

However, just like Europe, Italy must play a leading role for the interests of the global capitalist and curial class.

Reality proves that they are just a State, not a nation; instead of a united population, there are only degraded fragments of a nationality, pieces of a population whose heart and brain have been raped in the name of capitalism and not for humanitarian purposes.

The Jews, Native Americans, Gypsies and Sikhs are Nations and populations, albeit with all the contradictions arising from class subjection, but beyond them, is there any other example of real nationality?

Comment on this essay by adding your assumptions, always trying to directly address the facts considering both their evident and hidden aspects, as well as their particular and general features.

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Now the imperialism of the USA and the power of South Africa are stronger than ever; meanwhile, true protest movements no longer exist in Europe.

In Europe no one truly opposes the political power.

Every effort seems useless; conversely, in Russia and China, some new anti-imperial initiatives have been observed, but their outcome is still unknown.

Eventually, in Latin America, people have started widespread rebellions.

Thus the global peace or war is at stake.

But what about the European Union? Is Europe really united?

Or is it just an illusion created by the powerful to protect their own money interests?

We must forget our dreams and reject the old beliefs and friendships prior to life. Never mind this Europe, which always celebrates men and yet does not miss an opportunity to wear them down, along its streets throughout the whole world.

For centuries, Europe has stopped the arrival of other men and has enslaved them in the name of its projects and glory; during these centuries, the alleged "spiritual adventure" of few individuals has almost killed mankind.

Now it is going through an atomic and spiritual disintegration, the result of a false union.

Europe is ruling over the world with greed, cynicism and violence.

Just look at the shadows cast by its monuments: how they grow increasingly bigger.

Every movement of Europe has expanded the space and thought limits.

However, Europe has rejected humility, modesty, care and even tenderness. It was never thrifty, but rather carnivorous and murderous.

Then fellows, stop following this Europe.

Europe constantly stresses its concern for men, but the victories of the spirit of unity of mankind are weighing on the migrants, causing them terrible pains.

Europe must stop playing this game, it’s time to change the tune.

We can do anything, provided that we do not imitate and obsessively please this Europe.

Nowadays Europe, with its current management, has become crazy and chaotic (every Country acts in an autonomous and independent way), thus going out of control and being on the verge of falling into the dreadful abyss which should be kept at a safe distance, instead.

However, men need new model, schemes and ideas; the European achievements, technology and current style can no longer tempt us and undermine our balance.

If I look for a human element in the European technology and style, I only find the opposite of men, a horde of murderers.

Two centuries ago, a former European colony wanted to fill the gap with respect to Europe.

It accomplished its target with such a success that now the United States of America has turned into a monster, where Europe's defects, illness and inhumanity have reached critical dimensions.

Dear fellows, why are we looking for a third Europe?


The West was supposed to be an adventure of the Spirit.

We should renew ourselves, develop a new thought and create a new man, and we should do it for Europe, for ourselves and for the whole mankind.

The world is expecting much more of us!  



Colonialism began in Europe and, just like a boomerang, has returned to Europe after the onset of National Socialism.

The German people are not to blame for this phenomenon; in fact, when cancer affects an organ, this is not due to the organ itself, but rather to the whole body which has generated it: Empire, Antisemitism, Capitalism, Colonialism, Communism, Mafia, Freemasonry, Patriarchal Family, Slavery..

After all, the true representatives of a population are its best citizens (for "10" honest persons it may be worth saving a whole guilty city ... "guilty people" will continue to live ... the Prophet Abraham): they embody the past and future majority.

The true majority of a population is not represented by the current statistic data, but rather by its present qualities.

On 10 December 1948, the United Nations General Assembly approved and enacted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 48 Countries, including the United States – the actual promoter of the Declaration – took part in the vote and supported this proposal.

Conversely, 8 Countries were absent: the Eastern bloc, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and some Russian regions.

After this formal resolution, the United Nations General Assembly instructed the Secretary-General to extensively spread this Declaration and, to this end, to publish, distribute and translate the text not only into the five official languages, but also into as many other languages as possible with every available instrument.

Now, let’s go back to our modern times: over the last seventy years, there has been a rapid and significant progress, however the Declaration of human rights has remained the same.


Seventh principleone Earth, one Mankind

Why should there be so many Countries, so many frontiers on maps?

Remember that they are just graphic markings; they exist neither on Earth nor in the sky.

They have been invented by men. The world has been divided into regions because men are split into parts; men are split into parts because the world is not integral.

Regardless of the starting point, our goal is to achieve an all-encompassing mankind without any nation or boundary.

The world belongs to us; one mankind, one Earth and we can turn it into paradise.

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