The Rules of Modern Prophecy

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Chagall 1937-1948. in the works of Chagall, the power generates destruction (a group of soldiers firing on crowds, where the military in the middle, touches an animal with the torch, a symbol of power). The power that imprisons the people and creates suffering and immense pain. Chagall 1937-1948. in the works of Chagall, the power generates destruction (a group of soldiers firing on crowds, where the military in the middle, touches an animal with the torch, a symbol of power). The power that imprisons the people and creates suffering and immense pain. In the middle of the paint the Crucifix with the look turned to the suffering, as an example of ethics to be followed for the salvation and the good of the people. "It is not the violence to govern men, but the wisdom of common desires".

The love of power - in its broadest sense- is the desire to cause effects in the world, this belongs to human nature. Since the time of Lao-Tse this has had its supporters: mystics, politicians, people who cared about the holiness of the people, more like a state of mind than in the real and activist sense.

I am not agree, even if some did very well, what they did was to reject the coercive power, but not plagiarism and persuasion power.

I don't want to persuade anyone, just state the facts. Because if I asked you to follow me, albeit with lofty ethics and rules, I may sin of libertarianism -if those who preach laws, verdicts, believing to have renounced power, actually exercised it!

Every unfulfilled desire makes a second wish rise, that is to procure the means to pay the first, so it's a form of love for power, both for the best and worst wishes.

So where is the free will?

Let's take an example: in politics, there are those who want to see implemented some things they consider improvements, but it's just their own thought, as well as those who seek their own personal success.

A different purpose from power is not enough, if reached, it is necessary to be helpful to others, to satisfy their desire.

You have to keep in mind and to think in global form, the "force" is currently being used between different States, between which there is neither a strong common Government nor a law globally recognized nor judicial authority, or, that the concentration of power in the hands of the Government puts it in position to bully the rest of the community.

Give everyone an opportunity -but this has a positive and a negative effect too, i.e. it is equally important that there are not opportunities for robbers or dictators, and that instead there are some for construction professions.

Nothing raises moral and ethical level of a community than an increase in wealth, nothing lower it than its decrease.

Modern war (cold) requires a lot of skill, making it attractive to certain specialists who pull the strings in the World Banks.

In peace and in war is necessary to have.

When new laws are written, check the point that can harm people, even more than what would benefit it.

For my part, I believe that good and evil are embodied in individuals as in laws both new and old.

The moral of the power can't distinguish some types of power as legitimate and others illegitimate.

If you could choose to forge ethical examples and rules, these would be: Buddha and Jesus Christ, Pythagoras and Galileo, none of these were supported by the State.

None of them wanted the kind of power that imprisons people.

At last: it is not the violence to govern men, but the wisdom of common desires.

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Modern Prophetism circulates on the network, since the network provides a bridge, as evidenced by a modern prophet, Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church.

In fact, to use his words: "We are at war, but this is not a religion war";

Well, I think that "In a society where war does not bring any return and everybody - in every social class – only takes a huge loss, there shall be no war."

Therefore, we shall use modern prophetism to fight, with clear words of peace, against the masters of war, who take advantage of  deluded people deprived of true values such as:

- Respect for life,
- Respect for the ideologies of others,
- Respect for the territory,
- Respect for the property of others.

We know that the words, maybe not all, have a power, for this one must say risky words but calibrated, significant. Each word therefore has a power, so I show you " the ethics of power " for those who will use words to communicate to the people, today the people of the network.

I have already spoken of the evils of power, but is it possible to have some good from the power? Lets see how?

Ascetically with an exhortation: give up exercising an influence (energy) either beneficial or evil on one's fellows, use the middle path, consider this way: look for the better life, better job, a better world for the individual.

We see certain politicians, certain mystics, preachers of every race and colour that are convinced that giving up power is the good of the people, they did it because they believe that giving up, they leave the individual free, but actually they had given up only in certain ways: because if they had given up completely, they would not have proclaimed certain doctrines, would not have made good for their own good, they have only given up the coercive power, but not that of persuasion!

But there is a huge difference between the power as a desire and as an ends in itself.

Anyone who wants it as a medium, has had some form of desire and wants to find the condition to make it happen.

Those who want the power as an ends, chooses its purpose in the light of possible good or bad to realize it even on the skin of others.

Note: the drug is the cure of the disease, to defeat the disease, the cry is the effect of fright; in this way the Modern Prophet is the effect of entrenched injustice.

Without injustices the Prophecy that I give you would remain just the Poet, the Priest-

" to the divine man that creates beauty, who dances in its ineffable beauty, and would not place the divine man who treats the wounded residues of beauty".

Modern Prophet is crying of the poet who wants to become "smile" of a poet, that's the nature of modern Prophet, who is not the soothsayer, but the spokesman for the great Light, of the divine cosmic consciousness.

He is: mouth-word-verb-eye of the wounded and dying life through the new modern war made of bombings to defenceless people and full of legalized abuses by the current powers, wounded and dying life.

He is sovereignty of the wounded life that will never bend in front of all those abuses and transgressions, but through the prophetic nature of many "nobody" who work as thinking form, who were born as" prophets ", to soothe the oppression of many, to abolish oppression of the most, to give conscience to those who cannot have it, to those who have taken away the conscience and the freedom to think and act, and has more conscience!

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